Long gun storage chest with five drawers. c. 1690-1720

Featured in the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art,  exhibition- "Art on the American Frontier 1750-1850" Owensboro, Kentucky.

Designed in the "chest on frame" style, it has somewhat the overall appearance of an elegant "side board" of the period. The lidded chest portion has space for five long guns with up to 50" barrel lengths; five  drawers beneath provide space for all manner of accessories, pistols,  etc.. Built using rough-sawn lumber of rare exceptionally wide, clear,  white pine, the chest was completed using traditional hand saws, planes,  and chisels. The boards were scrub-planed by hand to thickness and then  smooth-planed on the formal surfaces. The joinery features early form wide dovetails, mortise and tenon, and half-lap joints. The maple legs and feet were lathe-turned by hand in my shop and finished by ebonizing. 

The finish of the chest is polychrome "grained" paint as used on much Colonial woodwork, and has the appearance of elegant highly figured veneer work with cross banded moldings typical of the late 17th century. An elegant piece of country furniture  I have long wanted to build.                                                                                          

  • Dimensions: 71"x 19"x 38.