In the style of the Germanic Rifle c. 1710 - 1715

33 1/2” .58 cal. barrel, 9 1/2 lbs.; mounted in iron, stocked in rare burl maple

This piece was inspired primarily by the work of two 18 th century German gunmakers: Michael Wagner of

Cronach and Elias Schintzel of Berlin, with a bit of early Felix Meirer of Vienna and Johann Wagner

enlightening the decoration.

The spectacular burl maple of the stock is finished in gold/brown, one of two staining techniques used in the 18 th

century on burl maple stocks, the other being red/black. Extremely difficult to work, burl maple requires

considerable patching of voids and piecing to increase overall length.

The mounts and set triggers are filed from hand forgings. The guard was forged by the late Mark Bokenkamp

many years ago. He was a superb blacksmith, colleague, and very good friend. I really wanted to use this last of

his fine work on this rifle. The spiral fluted ramrod pipes derive from a few examples seen on high level

Continental fowlers. The mounts and barrel were charcoal-blued by friend and compatriot Tom Snyder who

also color-hardened the lock and set triggers.

The rifle was stocked by hand using 18 th century style tools and techniques: chisels, gouges, hand planes, spoke

shave, and scrapers. The finish is pigment tinted oil and violin varnish, over a gold base color-dye stain.

From a private collection