Possible Projects


  •  c. 1775-90 Lehigh Valley style smooth rifle, 48" barrel, .55-.58 cal., stocked in exhibition grade stump maple. Will feature extensive relief carving and silver wire inlay.
  • c. 1805-10 Southwestern Virginia style long rifle, highly decorated, extensive relief carving, wire inlay, and large patchbox with multiple piercings.
  • c. 1730 Germanic jaeger rifle, 28" barrel, exhibition grade European walnut stock, relief carving and engraving. Mounted in hand forged iron, it will feature a fine custom lock with chiseled borders. Barrel rifled by Ken Briesen, .45 cal.
  • c. 1770-75 American long rifle in the style of John Newcomer (British fowler architecture), stocked in exhibition grade stump curly maple, with extensive relief carving and engraving. .45 cal., 42" barrel.
  • c. 1770 American long rifle/smooth rifle in the style of the well known "brass barrelled rifle" of Virginia, stump curly maple stocked.


  • c. 1730-40 British fowler, handmade iron or silver mounts extensively relief chiseled, extensive relief carving and silver wire inlay

  • c. 1600 early period English style dog lock fowler of the American colonial era.It will feature carving in a style like that, which might have been added in America.49" barrel, 12ga., English walnut stock. 

  • c. 1775-80 New England style fowler, 16 Ga., 50" barrel, stocked in fine cherry or maple, mounted in handmade sterling silver or hand forged iron. Relief carved with extensive silver wire inlay.


  • c. 1590 Anglo-Irish Snaphaunce pistol, hand made barrel and lock, highly decorated.