c. 1775-85 Rockbridge County Virginia rifle

My personal rifle since 1998. Featured in the book and exhibition, "Three Centuries of Tradition- The Renaissance of Custom Arms making in America 1640-1940."  Stocked in a superb piece of curly maple stump wood the rifle is very  extensively relief carved, even at the front of the forward ramrod pipe  under the muzzle. This is only one of the unusual and somewhat European details of this Shenandoah Valley inspired rifle. The piece is designed in the style of one unknown 18th  century maker and includes a faceted comb and carving at the comb nose  found only on one original rifle. Brass mounts include the lavishly engraved, bird headed four piece patchbox with the owners initals, side plate and guard. The barrel is also engraved along with the tang and charcoal blued. Also featured on the cover of "Muzzleblasts" magazine in February 2000.

  • .54 cal., 43 3/4"oct. Barrel, 8 3/4 lbs.

Photo Credits

 Rick Lambert, Photographer
 Nashville, TN 


 Courtesy of Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minn. , MN.;
 "Three Centuries of Tradition, The Renaissance of Custom Sporting Arms in America ."
  Gary Mortensen, Photographer